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Not Wolfe's Best Effort

Home Fires - Gene Wolfe

Not real bad but not good either. Seemed like a below average PKD novel to me. The character's behaviors and the situations actually presented were so bizarre that I found them unbelievable. There wasn't really any meta-level reason for this so it just seemed weak to me. The plot was sort of a mystery mostly aboard this huge sailboat sometime in the not too distant future. There was so much talking about the mystery itself that you really didn't care eventually who killed who and why.

There were spacecraft and an interstellar war but no real energy driven surface vehicles and general electricity production was inadequate and unreliable. This was just inconsistent. Paolo Bacigalupi's The Windup Girl had a more believable energy starved future.

Chapters were framed by "Reflections" which were in the first person by several characters but mainly Skip. These gave some background into motivations and character but didn't make the plot and characters any less unbelievable. These contrasted with the third person action that was in the chapters.

Not one of Gene Wolfe's best efforts.

My copy was signed, numbered and jacketed but it had the usual PS Publishing slick picture cover and crappy glued in numbers instead of a sewn binding.