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Surrealist Picaresque

The Golem - Michael Cisco

More adventures of The Divinity Student as he is dug up by resurrection detectives and reanimated (with more formaldehyde). He soon escapes the two detectives and goes on a quest to become Viktor Frankenstein and build a Golem of himself to do his bidding, as he is too decrepit now to do many things on his own. The Golem's only duty is to capture and woo a female magician as a sort of Bride of Frankenstein for The Divinity Student. All sorts of symbolic and surrealist mayhem ensues and it's often difficult to distinguish nonsense from the important things to keep track of the plot. Eventually all is sort of well again.

If you don't see parts of these novels as largely comic and picaresque then you'll be missing the point. Like a surrealist The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman. Cisco is going to throw a lot of real but unusual, and just plain made-up, words at you and the book requires extraordinary attention to detail by the reader or you miss a lot; the kind of book you might have to read twice just to "get it."

I didn't like it quite as well as The Divinity Student but it might be because I sort of knew what to expect and there wasn't as much wonder of discovery.