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Has anyone else ever noticed how many typos and printing errors are creeping into books these days?  Even MM paperbacks used to be pretty clean, before say 2000, but MM paperbacks are riddled with them now.  Trades have started to get messy too especially print-on-demand, both trade and hardcover.  E-books are probably the worst but just recently it has started to plague even high end specialty press fare, even limited editions.


I think two things are behind this, nobody knows spelling or proper grammar anymore and the reliance on automated proofreading.  I wonder if any human being even looks at p-o-d, MMpb, or e-book proofs anymore?


Has anyone ever noticed this?  Do you just say "That's the way it is nowadays," or do you complain to publishers?  I know I complain for high end signed limited editions I buy but I pretty much just live with it otherwise.  I've gotten used to "read" for "red," "met" for "me," and stray periods.