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Tales of Cruelty

Remorseless - Thomas Tessier

Subtitled "Tales of Cruelty" and that about sums it up. Not as strong as Ghost Music And Other Tales. Most of these tales are pretty short and I'd read a few elsewhere before. There is nothing leading into novella length where I think Tessier is strongest; nothing as strong as "Dreams of Dr. Ladybank." Still full of Tessier's unpredictable breadth and weirdness. Almost everyone is doomed here and particularly males who can be led by their dick; there are lots of seduction and death stories. Tessier's universe is full of hopelessness and his world view is not one of redemption. There are very few happy endings. 

There is a rather strange story, for Tessier anyway, a Dracula sequel that is a fairly straight forward story. There is also a great story that is only one page long.

Because of Tessier's terse prose he can pack a lot into a short package.

This was a limited signed edition of 100 copies and I think one guy in the UK bought them all out so it's rather hard to find. Tessier says in his equally terse blog that it will be issued in e-book and trade form soon, if not already, by Sinister Grin Press in Austin, TX.