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Bad Neighbors

The House Next Door - Anne Rivers Siddons

One of four iconic American Haunted House novels. This book is like nothing Siddons ever wrote before or since. Her milieu is generally the contemporary New South, Old South social drama. Set in suburban Atlanta (think Buckhead), the modernist upper middle class shack that goes up next to the Kennedy's home is going to do more than ruin their view. As time goes on there is evidence that more than just a few bad vibes are coming off the new neighbor's house. The New/Old South is still the backdrop for the novel, but we're talking much weirder stuff than a clash of mores here.

This book is about several things, first the pain suffered by the wealthy is just as profound as that suffered by everyone else. Two, the randomness of bad things happening to good people is something that cannot be avoided, the Kennedys never deserve their doom. Third the story shows the range of reactions that come from people pushed to the extremes of tolerance. However, never once does anything supernatural happen in this book. What would you conclude? What would you do?

It's hard to review this book without giving too much away. Suffice it to say that Colquitt and Walter eventually speculate not just what to do about the house but where in hell their wunderkind architect friend is from, and what in hell are they going to do about it.