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A rant about books, horror, and the weird.  I sometimes take on my love/hate relationship with goodreads and Amazon.

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Dadaoism - John     Cairns, Jimmy Grist, Katherine Khorey, Megan Lee Beals, Julie Sokolow, Ralph Doege, Jesse Kennedy, Joe Simpson Walker, Yarrow Paisley, Justin Isis, Colin Insole, Daniel Mills, Kristine Ong Muslim, Nick Jackson, Paul Jessup, Quentin S. Crisp, Nina Allan, Sonia Ori

Another book that is impossible to review or paraphrase as a whole. Every single story and poem, and there are a bundle here, will entertain, boggle, and challenge you at the same time. Best taken in small bites, one story at a time, since the breadth of form and content is so great. Savor this. Reread individual stories after you've sat on them for awhile. If you open your mind you will never be bored even by the longer entries. A pure delight. Probably the best book I've read in 2015. Enough superlatives, go find out for yourself!

This is another example of why I've been saying since I first discovered them in their infancy that Chomu Press is the most important and exciting publisher of contemporary fiction. Buy their books! Make sure they survive!