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Stangest Tales

Strange Tales V - Andrew Hook, Charles F. Wilkinson, Mark Valentine, Steve Rasnic Tem, Rebecca L. Johnson, John Howard Reid, Rosalie Parker, David Rix, Andrew Apter, Stephen J.  Clark

Not as representative of the eerie or uncanny as previous volumes, but a greater variety of story. More surreal and a good number of just strange experimental seeming short prose pieces. They all have a plot, of a sort, but to say many are surreal and enigmatic would even be a bit of an understatement.

There were a few science fiction, oh okay, let's call them speculative fiction entries, that partook of the Dickian or James Tiptree feel.

Overall I was not as captivated by this volume in the series, but it was still well worth the money and you will find that Parker's anthologies are quite unique in this genre/type of collection of original stories.

The book is beautifully produced, more elaborately than its younger siblings, with a fully embossed and colored binding and a full color frontispiece. As usual a beautiful production by Tartarus at a competitive price for a limited edition and it will look great on your shelf with all those other mostly cream colored Tartarus volumes.