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A Keeper

Keepers - Gary A. Braunbeck

Another pretty good read from Braunbeck. He really knows how to finish unlike a lot of other horror writers. This time we have a rectifying to the imbalance between the human and the animal world. It seems that man was not really meant to dominate animals on earth. That's why there are a lot more animals than men. Well how are we going to correct this mess and what part is our intrepid hero Gil going to play in it? The Keepers will get it straight but who or what are they? And what happened to Gil's girlfriend?

Like "In Silent Graves" Braunbeck is not afraid to go for the spectacular. Gil's world is coming totally unseamed. Braunbeck starts this novel in a weird way but then backs up to the mundane for so long you forget what the beginning was like. Eventually the menace reemerges only we're not sure it is a menace anymore. This all leads to a crazed ending that I still am not sure what it was about, but it was fun.

Unlike "Graves" Braunbeck's prose goes a little down on the literary scale but he's trying to show things from the first person so the language has to stay in character for Gil.

I really didn't know if this book was going to make it as a horror novel or just be an interesting novel with horror elements, but again Braunbeck has the end turning so berserk you'll marvel at how downhill things have come in just a short while. Braunbeck is good at taking the everyday and having it come apart in a totally weird way without making you say: "Oh, come on." These aren't just a few ghosts or werewolves prancing about.

Good, fast, fun, thoughtful read.