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Lulu and One Better

Lulu And One Other - Thomas Tessier

A reluctant 4 stars, definitely rounded up from 3.5.

Nightsuite is a solid four star Tessier story that consists of three little seemingly disconnected sections that end up to be all too connected in the end. Enigmatic and weird in only the way Tessier is; he can be outrageously bizarre or just hint at it.

Lulu, the title story about Joseph Roth's muse, is actually a more straightforward affair, as Tessier goes, and gives off a more Kafkaesque atmosphere rather than the bizarre weirdness that Tessier usually gets into (but not always). The story makes a lot of sense on a subliminal level so there isn't that enigmatic quanta that gives so many of Tessier's stories their visceral emotional jolt in the end. I had read this story somewhere else before an, although memorable, I was not overly impressed on re-reading. A grudging 3.5 stars.

A funny little chapbook from Subterranean I'm not sure of its provenance since I acquired it second hand,; not sure if it originally came with something else or what not.