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Picaresque Tall Tale Horror

The Wanderer - Timothy J. Jarvis

I'm going out on a limb and five starring this one.  There are so many aspects to this thing that you could write a dissertation. 


Where to start?  Well it's one of those story in a story in a story things.  There is a framing story about a missing horror writer, and there's this manuscript that might be a novel but it may be from another universe, but wait, I've got to tell you this story before I go on, and that reminds me, I might as well tell you this while I'm at it...  That's the way this novel goes, around and around.  The reference in the appendix to Ouroboros is particularly apt.  Part tall tale, part picaresque, the story bounces back and forth in time, digressing at times only to loop back to where you just left off.


The creepiness is heightened by the shockingly sudden introduction of some particularly nasty grue or body horror into what seems like a fairly exciting yet conventional adventure tale.  And then bizarre things happen in the middle of the mundane while things just move along.


A great and unique horror read.