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Far Above

Far Below and Other Horrors from the Pulps - Robert E. Weinberg, Robert E. Howard, Seabury Quinn

Weinberg goes after the unknown and un-anthologized leavings from golden age Weird Tales. Most of these writers will be unknown except to the most eclectic reader and where the writers are better known Weinberg picks never (at least in 1974) anthologized stories by these better known authors. I had actually read and remembered the Robert E. Howard story so it must have cropped up somewhere again since 1974.

All of the ten stories and one poem exceed the basic standard for good horror pulp entertainment and one or two even rise above that. The writing is surprisingly good and some of the stories steal a little of Lovecraft's creations (or name drop).

Weinberg would go on to co-edit several future golden age WT and other pulp anthologies that mined the same vein as here. These were fatter cheaper volumes but still pretty much packed with the good stuff.

This was supposedly a limited edition of 1,000 published by FAX Collector's Editions in West Linn, Oregon. There are some adverts for some interesting looking pulp publications on the dj. The dj illustration is for the title story and is by the marvelous Lee Brown Coye.