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Phantom - Thomas Tessier

A strange enigmatic little book that is hard to review. I obviously liked it but still haven't come to terms with what it all means. I know, I know you want me to tell you what it is like so you can file it away in some category you have. Alright, it's like [book:Dandelion Wine|50033] meets [book:The House on the Borderland|220937]. Is that better?

It won't do me any good to give you a plot synopsis either since it couldn't convey the depth of this novel. Let's just say a boy finds out a lot about the universe and his role in it way too young, and it's not pretty. Creepy at times but more eerie than scary. Little precocious 10-year old Ned never displays the fear you or I would. There's a haunted decrepit abandoned hot springs spa, two old coots who befriend Ned and teach him a bit about the ways of the world but hold some important parts back, ghosts, revenants, hostile entities in this world and an "alternate" universe or place that may be a grim life after death or just the end of time, a clingy asthmatic Mom, and a clueless Dad (see what I mean about hard to review).

I would really welcome some insightful comments about this one so have at it. As I said I'm not even close to understanding this entire little novel. Tell me I got it all wrong!

Tessier is an interesting author who never writes the same book twice, nothing close to the same book twice, and he's not very prolific. You will literally say, wow I need to read something else by Tessier, and be stunned by how different his novels and stories will be not just in theme or genre but also in style, which is really unusual.