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Two Fisted Tales of Horror

Lonely Vigils - Manly Wade Wellman

While Judge Pursuivant uses his more intellectual wiles to battle the supernatural, John Thunstone isn't afraid to use his fists if he has to to fight supernatural evil especially when it comes to the dreaded Shonokins, a pre-human race that populated the Americas at one time. They were mostly wiped out by the Indians, but a few survived to menace the more numerous humans that came to dominate the planet.

Culled from Weird Tales from the 1930s to the 1950s Lonely Vigils collects all the Judge Pursuivant and John Thunstone tales. The preposterous plots are overshadowed by the non-stop action in these supernatural "thrillers," tales meant to strictly entertain and not to elevate the reader. Well written in a compact style the book is best taken in small chunks because of the sameness of some of the stories which are presented in chronological order. There is one Professor Enderby story here as well.

Nice illustrated edition presented by Carcosa in a style reminiscent of the old Arkham House collections.