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Nothing Memorable

Wine and Rank Poison - Allyson Bird, Joe R. Lansdale

I wanted to like this book more. After the Landsdale introduction I thought I was in for a treat but the stories turned out to be disappointing. There is a theme of revenge here that runs through all the stories. Some of the stories appear to be linked on other levels, however some were so similar that I got the feeling one story was just the subsequent working out of an idea from one of the other stories; almost like two drafts for the same story, not a good thing in a collection this thin. In addition there was a 20 page excerpt from the award winning novel Isis Unbound that while interesting, goes nowhere and just seemed like filler for the collection used as an advert for the other book. The writing was also rather too prosaic.


In addition the book inside looked kind of amateurish. The font was huge, I'm sure to fill the book, and the margins were weird compared to the typesetting and font. It just didn't look nice. These are things I don't expect for a signed very limited edition.

The positives, well, the dust jacket is beautiful and it is signed by both the author and Joe Lansdale.


I really didn't hate it, it just wasn't anything memorable in a positive way.