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Sixty Years of Arkham House - S.T. Joshi

Fascinating browser and reference for anyone interested in Arkham House book collecting or just the history of the small press that started all the horror small presses. Updates Sheldon Jaffery's The Arkham House Companion: Fifty Years of Arkham House : A Bibliographical History and Collector's Price Guide to Arkham House/Mycroft and Moran  and August Derleth's own Thirty Years of Arkham House 1939-1969. Includes the Thirty Years... foreword by Derleth as well as a new one by S.T. Joshi. Adds books published under the Stanton & Lee colophon.  Joshi tones down his usual strong biases to deliver a nice little essay and gives Derleth and Donald Wandrei their due. He treats all the editors following Derleth with respect even when he disagrees with them.


Essential for the collector.